November 11, 2007

Button Wreath Directions

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Someone on my other blog asked so I’m posting the directions for what we did.

My 4th Button Wreath - in progress

Materials: lots and lots of buttons, a base circle, some gorgeous ribbon, hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue sticks.

  1. Start with a base — we used different bases and they all worked pretty well. Some of us used cardboard cut into rough circle shapes. Lee used fabric (and some cardboard). Jody used a styrofoam circle. They all had their pros and cons. The cardboard is easy to work with but it’s hard to cut out the circles unless you have super sharp knives. The fabric takes some work ahead of time but gives you a very pleasing rounded shape. The styrofoam looked good but caused some angst as it needed to be painted (and took a LONG time to dry) and was too thick and needed to be cut into thirds. Still, once the bases are done, you are ready to start gluing.
  2. Start gluing your buttons in place — you want to overlap the edges of your base so that you don’t see the form underneath. Once you get one layer on you start layering the buttons on top of each other, filling in gaps and holes, and looking for a slightly raised shape in the center.
  3. Once it is all dried and cooled, you pick off all the excess glue and strings — this is a long process that may never be completely over — hot melt glue is weird stuff! 🙂
  4. Then choose your ribbon, create a loop or bow or whatever you are doing, glue it securely onto the back and voila!

This really is a fun project that you can crank through and create several in one day — provided you have enough buttons! I’m sure some will chime in to point out any goofs I’ve made in my directions! 🙂

My first button wreath