January 21, 2008

January 2008 – Crochet

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Jody has discovered the beauty and joy of crochet and she shared it with us this month. We all learned to make a One-Skein Scarf. Jody is an awesome teacher — which we already knew because she had taught us to do wire wrapped jewelry before quite successfully. We all got the crochet work down although for some of us who had been dedicated knitters, old habits were hard to break. 🙂

We were celebrating Jerryne’s birthday this month. We had a great lunch — as always — and amazing frosted brownies for dessert — chocolate is a necessity! We did an odd field trip this time. Liza had to run back home and get her allergy meds (visiting dog that was bugging my allergies) and everyone else went out and got yarn at a local yarn/fabric shop.

A great project. I think we’ll be revisiting crochet again.

Jerryne's crocheting hands


Jennifer's crocheting hands


Lee's crocheting hands


Jody's crocheting hands


Liza's crocheting

Liza’s WIP


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  1. jodyss said,

    Amazing pics! (I’ll never doubt again. Hee.)

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