November 11, 2007

Button Wreaths

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Crafty Chix

Mom's Silver Button Wreath & My white one

We met today at Jerryne’s house — as usual. Our project was button wreaths. What a wildly successful event!  Button wreaths are easy and fun.  We were all pleased with our efforts — even with our wildly differing styles.  We had a few burns — one bad one — from the hot melt glue but they were well worth it.  One of the things that we learned with this project was that you can never have too many buttons (well, we sort of knew that already!).  Liza ordered a 5 lb box from a seller on eBay and that was a huge hit.  we dug through them and really had a blast making these wreaths.  We all raided each other’s buttons — totally fun!  I love the way our personalities show in all the different wreaths.

On the menu was Jerryne’s Chile Relleno Casserole, fresh fruit, and an amazing bread.  Awesome meal!

Our field trip was to the Scotts Valley Craft Fair — so much fun!  Liza was the big spender — I bought a beautiful table runner and a spectacular beaded Christmas ornament.



  1. jodyss said,

    What a fun day. Great project, primarily due to Liza’s fabulous eBay button haul. Can’t wait to find the perfect ribbon for my wreath. Will upload a pic when it’s finished. Thanks again, ladies.

  2. mimilee said,

    Felt obligated to chime in on “our” blog–Crafty Chix is possibly the most wonderful group ever created. I mean, really, who would ever dream that the five of us actually LOVE to be with each other and actually create some wonderful stuff. We’re all a trifle on the artsy side and I hope that Liza will find some of the old photos of some of our creations. Cheers to us, Lee

  3. Mary Hougey said,

    Hi, I used to work with Lee at the City of Hayward, but have lost her email address. Can you help?

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