January 28, 2007

Crafty Chix Day!

Posted in crafty chix at 7:03 am by lizalee

Yippee! Skippee! We look forward to these days for two months.

We did beading this time.

Jody working on her bracelet Jody's bracelet
Jody always has to teach us how to do the wire wrapping technique. She did this cool bracelet.
Note the knit bow pin on her skeleton head.

My mom, Lee, making earrings for her friend
Lee, my mom, did wire wrapped earrings for a friend of hers. Gorgeous! She is still riding high from selling her beaded piece of Setna the Alaskan Mermaid last week. Go Mom!

My beautiful Mother-in-law, Jerryne
My gorgeous mother-in-law turned 75 last week which gave us a chance to celebrate. She made some Christmas ornament hangers too.

Jennifer at Crafty Chix
My sister-in-law, Jennifer, did some beadwork in preparation for next time’s embellishment project. She also got in some mending! She was also the hostess and served up our delectable lunch! Yum!

And me, I did beaded Christmas Ornament holders. I was pleased with them. I even recycled an old bolo tie decoration from the 80’s into an ornament.

Add to that our cake in honor of Jerryne’s birthday and the trip to Goodwill and a consignment furniture shop (that ended with my having a new piece of furniture for my house!) and it was a fantastic day!

Jerryne's Birthday Cake
I baked the cake. It’s a Pink Loves Brown cake. I just made that up. It’s a simple box chocolate cake that I iced pink and then covered with chocolate jimmies and pink sprinkling sugar. YUM! Pretty cute, huh?

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